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Rosacea & dilated blood vessels


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Rosacea is a chronic and relatively common dermatosis with a central location centrally in the face. Nose, cheeks and chin are particularly affected. However, one does not know what actually causes the disease. The predominant hypothesis is that rosacea is both an inflammatory and vascular disease. No signs of bacterial genes. The parasite demodex is discussed as a possible cause, but also occurs in many skin-healthy. Often the symptoms begin with the skin blushing and swelling for shorter periods, but eventually it becomes more long-lasting red with widened blood vessels, knots and small blisters. Symptoms include widened pores and enlarged sebaceous glands. Blackheads, however, do not occur.

Affects adults only. 

Those who suffer from rosacea should, as far as possible, avoid things that dilate the sensitive blood vessels - intense sunbathing, strong cold or heat, highly spiced foods, hot drinks, alcohol and stress.

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