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Sensitive, easily irritated & Hypersensitive skin


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All skin types can be sensitive. A sensitive skin is often reddish and thin and can be both dry and oily on the surface. It is easily irritated by cosmetics, may react to skin preparations that contain alcohol and become slightly red and flamy. People with sensitive skin should also be cautious about anything that can help expand the blood vessels, such as sun, sauna, alcohol and spicy foods. Skin sensitivity is often something we inherit from our parents. However, sometimes there are other explanations, such as prolonged use of cortisone drugs.

Characteristics of sensitive skin:

• Has a thin, brittle and slightly transparent appearance.

• Sometimes red and flaming.

• Can react to cosmetics, soap and perfume.

• Superficial blood vessels are common.

• Allergic.

• UV sensitivity I, II or III.

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