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Irregular Hudton | Smoothing Skin Care


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What can cause uneven skin tone? The answer is sun damage, smoking, stress, acne, surface dryness, excess sebum production, unbalanced skin function and affected skin barrier. Hormonal imbalances and diseases can also play a role in the development of irregularities.

How can you prevent and reduce inequality? First and foremost, try to avoid the factors that cause skin damage. Use sunscreen and follow daily skin care routines, tailored to your skin's needs. Skin care products containing AHA / BHA / PHA acids and enzymes exfoliate and exfoliate gently, improving skin tone and structure, fighting against pigmentation, sun spots and post-acne scars. All of the ingredients lighten the skin, smoothing, brightening, moisturizing and collagen seemed stimulating. Moisturizing and softening cream is a help for overloaded, stressed and uneven skin.

If you are unsure which skin care is best for you and for uneven skin tone, you are welcome to contact us and book a free consultation of our trained skin therapists and doctors.

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