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Ultrasound treatment


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Safe Ultrasound treatment face & body in Vasastan Stockholm

Ultrasound treatment is often called for sound therapy.

Book your Ultrasound treatment at Beautyka skin care clinic Odenplan Vasastan Stockholm

Aesthetic treatments with ultrasound have in recent years become very popular among skin care and beauty. Ultrasound treatments are so popular with customers especially for their efficiency and multi-modality. Ultrasound treatments are suitable for basically all ages - young skin and mature skin, and all types of skin and skin conditions! You can do an ultrasound treatment and be sure that you are guaranteed to get results! Among aesthetic treatments with ultrasound, you can find a rejuvenating HiFu treatment and cleansing peeling with ultrasound.

Aesthetic treatments with ultrasound are used on all skin types. They are suitable for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, skin with pimples and skin with redness. Ultrasound is a gentle but effective technology to treat the skin. One of the properties of ultrasound is that this treatment gives a gentle exfoliating effect and helps to effectively clean the pores from blackheads and pimples. Ultrasound prevents the appearance of blackheads and keeps the skin clean and fresh without leaving redness or irritation!

Another important property of ultrasound treatment is its rejuvenating and firming effect. A HiFu treatment is the most effective anti-aging treatment with ultrasound available on the market today. Ultrasound treatment helps to quickly tighten the skin and gives you a lift without surgery. Ultrasound penetrates deep into the skin layers and stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. This restores the elasticity of the skin and counteracts sagging.

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