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Chemical peels against Pimples Treatment


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Chemical peeling for pimples

Chemical peels for pimples are a very effective facial treatment to remove impurities and inflammation from the skin and get a fresh and healthy skin. Treating pimples and acne is not an easy thing and it requires you to do treatments regularly and systematically. The acids used in chemical peels against pimples can vary depending on which pimples you have and if you have post-acne blemishes and pigmentation. The most common acids used for chemical peels for acne facial treatment are BHA acid, TCA acid and a mixture of different AHA acids.

The most common chemical peel for pimples is salicylic acid peel (BHA acid). This chemical peel is best if you have inflamed pimples, active acne or many small white lumps on the skin. Salicylic acid kills bacteria that cause acne, polishes the skin surface, reduces pores and reduces sebum production in the glands. Salicylic acid peeling helps to cleanse the skin from pimples and prevents future inflammation and blemishes in the skin. Chemical peels with salicylic acid against pimples can be done at any age and for all types of pimples and acne.

Another popular type of chemical peel for pimples is Jessner peels. This chemical peel is a blend of acids: salicylic acid that reduces pimples and lactic acid that evens out skin tone, minimizes blemishes and blemishes on the face and prevents the appearance of post-acne scars. Jessner chemical peels are beneficial for pimples on skin that already has post-acne damage, such as brown spots or red blemishes. Salicylic acid in jessner peels prevents the onset of inflammation while lactic acid treats the existing damage to the skin and improves skin tone. Lactic acid has fantastic brightening properties that are beneficial to have in a chemical peel against pimples on a skin with blemishes. Jessner chemical peels improve the skin texture and smooth out scars, as it stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Yellow peeling or so-called retinol peeling is a third alternative for chemical peeling against pimples. This peeling is good at stimulating collagen production, minimizing inflammation and blemishes on the skin and evening out skin tone and removing pigmentation and post-acne blemishes on the face.

If you are unsure which chemical peel against pimples is right for you, you are always welcome for a consultation with us at Beautyka skin care clinic in Vasastan!


Book your best Chemical peeling treatment for Pimples in Vasastan Stockholm at skincare clinic Beautyka!

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