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Book your best Glycolic acid chemical peeling treatment in Vasastan Stockholm at Skincare Clinic Beautyka!

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Are you thinking about Glycolic acid peeling?

Glycolic acid peeling is a facial treatment with chemical peels whose active component is glycolic acid itself. Glycolic acid belongs to the group of fruit acids, which are also called AHA acids. Glycolic acid is produced from grapes, beets and sugar cane. Glycolic acid molecule is relatively small in size. Therefore, chemical peels with glycolic acid are used to treat the outermost and middle layers of the skin. In this article we will tell you more about glycolic acid peeling, why we recommend our customers to choose chemical peeling with glycolic acid, what results are expected from peeling and much more.

What is Glycolic Acid Peeling Strength?

Glycolic acid peels vary in their strength. How strong the chemical peel with glycolic acid is is determined by the acid concentration which varies between 5-70%. Another important aspect that determines the strength of glycolic acid peeling is the pH of the solution, the lower the pH the stronger the peeling. Chemical peels with lower pH and higher glycolic acid amount are used in skin care in treatments of deeper skin layers. An example of such treatment with glycolic acid is chemical peels for wrinkles and skin laxity.

Two types of glycolic acid chemical peels

There are two main types of glycolic acid chemical peels: superficial and medium depth. The acidity of glycolic acid peeling is determined by how deep into the skin the acid gets.

  • Superficial peeling with glycolic acid contains up to 40% glycolic acid in itself and has a pH around 2.4-4.5. This type of chemical peel is perfect for refreshing, smoothing the skin, giving it an increased glow and glow and improving skin tone.
  • Glycolic acid chemical peel with a concentration of 30% is an optimal fast facial treatment with acid that quickly refreshes, softens and brightens the skin. It fits perfectly before an important day or party where you want to look great.

Effective Glycolic acid peeling Stockholm Beautyka skin care clinic


Medium depth chemical peels have a higher concentration of glycolic acid between 40-70% and a pH below 2.8. This type of glycolic acid peel is considered to reach deeper skin layers, gives deeper exfoliation, more exfoliation and in some cases even a dry film can form on the surface of the skin.

Medium-depth glycolic acid peeling is an effective facial treatment for aged, mature skin.

Chemical peels of this strength help reduce wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, enlarged pores.

Glycolic acid in this concentration promotes skin renewal, stimulates collagen production, which increases skin elasticity and firmness.

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Glycolic acid chemical peels give the following results:

  • Refreshes the skin
  • Softens the skin
  • Brightens the skin
  • Improves skin tone
  • Reduces sun spots, hyperpigmentations, tone irregularities
  • Removes blackheads, pimples
  • Reduces acne, post acne scars
  • Improves skin health
  • Normalizes the skin's oil production
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines
  • Increases firmness
  • Improves elasticity of the skin

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Chemical peels with glycolic acid are perfect as a preparatory facial treatment before more aggressive chemical peels such as TCA chemical peels.

Glycolic acid is an excellent facial treatment during fall and winter times. Because peeling with glycolic acid increases the skin's sensitivity to the sun, experts at Beautyka Skin Care Clinic recommend refraining from chemical peels with glycolic acid during the summer. This is to avoid the appearance of sun spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles.

Glycolic acid chemical peel is suitable for almost all skin types, exceptions are more sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive, reactive skin, we recommend that you look at mandelic acid or lactic acid chemical peels instead.

    You can with great advantage prepare your skin for glycolic acid facial treatment, however, it is not mandatory. It is best to buy skin care products with a small concentration of glycolic acid, around 5-10%. The best skin care products with acid to use are facial cleanser or toner with glycolic acid. Even face cream will help you prepare your skin for peeling. Apply the cream in the evening to avoid sun contact with glycolic acid.

    After chemical peeling with glycolic acid, your skin will need to recover, which usually takes around 7-14 days. You will peel for about 2-5 days depending on how strong the peeling was and the skin's repair ability. After a week, the skin will look fresh, supple and clean.

    "It is important that you continue to use custom skin care products for at least two weeks after chemical peeling treatment as your skin is completely rebalanced."

    Maiia S.


    Peeling with glycolic acid has some contraindications, including allergy to glycolic acid or peeling ingredients, acute inflammation of the skin, active acne, wounds, tear marks, skin changes, cancer, herpes or viral infection, pregnant and breastfeeding are not recommended to perform glycolic acid peeling.

    Wondering about Glycolic acid peeling price?

    Beautyka skin care clinic in Stockholm offers Glycolic acid treatments to our customers for a good price and we always have a good offer on glycolic acid peeling treatment. Feel free to visit our website or skin care clinic in Stockholm to find out more about Glycolic acid chemical peeling prices and offers. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and do not forget to sign up for our newsletter so as not to miss the offer on Glycolic Acid treatment and first see the discounted price for the desired chemical peeling treatment.

    Do not know which chemical peel is right for you? Book a free video consultation or a consultation in our clinic in Stockholm. Our doctors and dermatologists will help you choose the right treatment, be it TCA peeling or someone else.

    Book your best Glycolic acid chemical peeling treatment in Vasastan Stockholm at Skin Care Clinic Beautyka!



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