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Are you thinking about TCA chemical peels?

In this section on chemical peels, Beautyka, a skin care clinic in Stockholm, has chosen to focus on TCA chemical peels. TCA treatment is a very popular facial treatment and many ask us about what is included in TCA treatment, what results do you get from TCA peeling, what is the price of TCA chemical peeling and what offers can you find at our skin care clinic. You can read more about different types of chemical peels in our blog here.

Why is TCA chemical peels applied in some layers?

TCA chemical peels consist of trichloric acid that goes deep into the skin. The concentration of TCA acid is crucial for the strength of the peel, therefore TCA peeling is applied in several layers. Often, TCA chemical peels contain a mixture of TCA acid and other acids that enhance its effect. TCA peeling penetrates deep into the skin, it acts on both outer skin layers. Thus, TCA chemical peeling provides an effective polishing of the outer layer of the skin and promotes the production of skin tissue.

What strengths does TCA acid chemical peeling have?

TCA treatment is available in 3 variants.

The mildest TCA chemical peel with TCA acid concentration up to 15% works to improve skin structure. This type of TCA peeling is perfect for you who want to reduce small wrinkles, fine lines, external irregularities.

Medium-strength TCA peeling with TCA concentration up to 25-35% dampens color irregularities, reduces sun spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, post-acne scars, blemishes, enlarged pores, pimples.

Medical or strong TCA chemical peel? What is the difference?

The strongest type of TCA chemical peel may only be done by a doctor, due to the TCA concentration there rising up to 24-40%. At our skin care clinic in Stockholm, we have employed a licensed doctor with long experience of chemical peels and the work with acids and skin, to give our customers a safe and professional TCA treatment. Such strong TCA chemical peels must be performed with the utmost care. This type of TCA peel has a very good effect on age changes of the skin.

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Effective TCA peeling Stockholm Beautyka skin care clinic


When do you get results from TCA chemical peels?

Results of TCA chemical peels are seen immediately after treatment. The skin looks fresh, tight and smooth. However, this is only 15% of total results. The best results of TCA peels are seen in the treatment of TCA treatments. Beautyka skin care clinic in Stockholm has good offers and wallet-friendly prices on TCA acid treatment.

What results should be expected from TCA treatment?

In the skin care clinic in Stockholm, we are often asked about the results of TCA peels. That's why we thought we'd bring this up.

TCA chemical peels have the following effects on the skin:

  • Fresh skin
  • Soft, smooth skin
  • Moisturized skin
  • Improved metabolism in the skin
  • Fewer wrinkles, fine lines
  • Reduced blemishes, post-acne scars
  • Reduced enlarged pores
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Better firmness
  • Increased production of collagen
  • Skin lift
  • Detox from contaminants
  • Improved skin color
  • Brightens the skin
  • Reduced sun spots, pigmentation
  • Prevention of the emergence of new color irregularities

Chemical peeling TCA acid Stockholm Beautyka Skin Care Clinic picture34

TCA acid treatment is recommended for

  • mature aged skin with wrinkles
  • color uniformities
  • sunspots
  • hyperpigmentation
  • fine lines
  • lost elasticity
  • reduced firmness


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    TCA chemical peels are excellent treatments for oily, oily and combination skin with enlarged pores, pimples, blackheads, post-acne scars, blemishes, acne or increased oil production. TCA peeling helps to lighten the skin, dampens pigment development, prevents color spots and reduces the size and color intensity of existing sun spots.

    How long the recovery time after TCA chemical peels is depends on the strength of the peels, the customer's age and the body's ability to handle the damage. The degree of scaling varies greatly between different customers. Based on experience from our therapists and doctors in Stockholm, we can say that recovery lasts between 14 and 25 days. You usually peel for 2-7 days, but do not forget that complete recovery after TCA treatment takes at least 2 weeks after the end of peeling.

    "It is important that you continue to use custom skin care products for at least two weeks after TCA chemical peel treatment as your skin is completely rebalanced."

    Maiia S.
    Leg Doctor


    TCA chemical peels have a number of contraindications. These are pregnancy, breastfeeding, cancer, active inflammation, acute lung diseases, allergies to peeling ingredients, acute viral infections, skin changes, certain mental illnesses. TCA treatment is not recommended before and after a sun holiday or solarium. Customers with dark skin types are advised to refrain from TCA peels. We do not do TCA treatment on customers younger than 18 years.

    Wondering about TCA peeling price?

    Beautyka skin care clinic in Stockholm offers TCA treatments to our customers for a good price and we always have a good offer on TCA treatment. Feel free to visit our website or skin care clinic in Stockholm to find out more about TCA chemical peeling prices and offers. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and do not forget to sign up for our newsletter so as not to miss the offer on TCA treatment and first see the discounted price for the desired TCA peeling.

    Do not know which chemical peel is right for you? Book a free video consultation or a consultation in our clinic in Stockholm. Our doctors and dermatologists will help you choose the right treatment, be it TCA peeling or someone else.

    Book your best TCA peeling treatment in Vasastan Stockholm at Hudkårdsklinik Beautyka!

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