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Academie Facial treatments

Skin of all kinds needs proper skin care, and it is good if this care is performed by professionals. The facial treatment in the salon, performed by a qualified and trained skin therapist, gives you complete confidence in yourself and your beauty. This is a special program, chosen depending on your skin type - oily, acne, mature, dry or sensitive.

Soft cleansing with special professional ingredients will free the skin from contaminants, harmful substances and makeup that settles. Nutrients penetrate deep into the cleansed pores and give your skin lust, resilience, firmness and elasticity. Professional facial skin care is a real art that is fully mastered by the specialists in the beauty salon Beautyka in Vasastan.

Among the many facial treatments we offer we have a large selection for mature, pigmented, sun damaged and sensitive skin.

Super moisturizing mask containing freeze-dried fruits and plant collagen is a patented component, which gives an excellent effect and moisturizes the skin by 40-60 percent.

Do you want a really moisturizing bath for dry and stressed skin. The unique moisturizing products based on natural apple water are surprisingly well perceived by the skin and immediately fill it with moisture, giving it a healthy look. You get perfectly moisturized and filled with vitality skin. The skin is soft and supple. Wrinkles disappear, the skin gets a radiant look. The face looks fresh.

An effective facial treatment with Detox to protect the skin from harmful effects of the environment. Ideal for dull, stressed and tired skin. Stimulates cellular respiration and detoxifies at the same time. Reduces damage caused to the skin due to stress, smoking and harmful environmental effects (pollution, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, air conditioning, etc.). Eliminates irritation and other skin reactions. Recommended especially for residents of large cities for both men and women of different ages.

The skin around the eyes is an extremely sensitive area. This is where signs of aging, dryness and fatigue are first and foremost manifested: wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, pouches, swelling of the eyelids. To prevent and reduce visible signs of aging, Académie presents a luxurious eye care product containing high-quality beauty products. This is a new eye repair agent that moisturizes and promotes intensive renewal of the sensitive area around the eyes, especially prone to wrinkles. Formula contains 61% skin-related collagen, which is an important skeletal protein in the skin, provides skin tone and elasticity, moisturizes and fills the skin, improves its structure.

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