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Academie Detox Facial Treatment

595 kr
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You will find several booking options at the bottom of the description.
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Académie Scientific Beauté offers in-depth detox facial treatment that is perfect for all skin types.

Ideal for skin with poor oxygenation. For skin that is exposed to poor environment, exhaust fumes, smoke, and for all those who want to protect and repair the destruction of the environment on the skin. For women who want a quick treatment with immediate results.

Can be done in course 4-5 times 1 time / week

What is detox for the skin?

Detox involves removing toxins and waste products from the skin. These harmful substances accumulate in the skin cells and interfere with their work. As a result, metabolic function slows down the skin and causes swelling and dark circles under the eyes. The skin looks tired, stressed with the appearance of wrinkles and rashes. With the help of detox treatment, harmful substances are naturally eliminated - through blood, sweat, sebum, lymph and the skin.

What is the effect of skin detox?

You give the skin a natural healthy color, texture and moisture. Substance turnover and cell renewal are normalized, therefore wrinkles that may occur due to the accumulation of toxins will soon begin to erode.

Self-cleaning of the skin is stimulated by products with vitamins A, C and E and these vitamins are essential for detoxifying the skin. Alginate masks based on fucus, alginic acid and salts, which are not found in other plants, work particularly well in detox facial treatments. These masks can even extract salts of heavy metals from the deep layers of the skin. Every facial massage, even the simplest one, speeds up the movement of blood and lymph, which means it speeds up the process of excretion.

To quickly eliminate boredom caused by the accumulation of harmful substances, enzyme shells containing papain and bromelain can be used in combination with agents that stimulate withdrawal. These ingredients are derived from papaya and pineapple, they will work on a superficial level, providing freshness and a healthy appearance. And to eliminate rashes, if poisoning caused them, you can use agents with AHA and BHA acids.

What is included in the treatment?

  • Skin cleansing using Académie deep-acting professional cream
  • Express peeling with gommage, enzymes and acids
  • Intense moisturizing mask with clay and oil
  • The last relaxing massage

For whom is Detox ritual therapy appropriate?

  • for you with clogged facial grooves
  • for dry, dry, stressed and environmentally stressed skin
  • for men and women with uneven skin tone and sun damaged skin
  • for mature skin that requires kick-off

Processing time 30 min or 60 min

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