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Best Dermaceutic treatment in Vasastan Stockholm

In our beauty salon Beautyka in Vasastan, we use a large sortiment of skin treatments and products designed by a revolutionary french company Dermaceutic. Face treatments from this brand are suitable for all skin types and work on all skin problems in order to give you the best possible result! Our skintherapists are specially educated to help you choose the treatment suitable for your needs and wishes, which gives you the fastest and the most effective result. We work hard to offer you personally adjusted treatments, where we include your wishe, your skin type and skin condition, so that you feel yourself well-treated.

Dermaceutic offers a large spectrum och of facetreating chemical peelings. This type of skincare suits all the skin types and is capable to treat all different kinds of skin problems. Chemical peelings are benefitial for treatmant of teen-skin, fatty and oily skin, combined and aged skin, yet these peelings are also recommended for normal and dry skin. Peelings differe in their working mechanism and have a differend level och strength, which makes it possible to use them on all skin conditions and combat skin problems with extremely good results. Dermaceutic facetreatments are based on the idea of combined treatment, which means the combination of right facial treatment and product adjusted to the specifit skin problem. Such a combination helps to provide an addressed treatment of the problem and gives you the wished result fast and long-term!

Facial treatmants with acids are a perfect solution for you with acneprone skin or temporary breakouts, blackheads and pimples. Peelings with salicylic acid work effectively on inflammation, by killing bacteries, normalizing skin's own microbiom and regulating sebumproduction. In combination with acid's exfoliation action the peeling helps unclogg the pores, cleanse the deep pimples and make the skin more balanced and fresh. Peeling has even a matifying action and enlightens the skin. The same effect of the chemical peelings can be seen in normal and combinated skin. 

Chemical peeling work perfectly on such age-related skin problems as wrinkles, fine lines, flabby skin and pigmentations. Peeling stimulates collagen production and improves cell turn-over, which helps even out the skin, reduce fine lines and minimize wrinkles. Peelings polish away the grayish layer of old cells and reveals the new, fresh cells for a younger and fresher skin. Chemical peelings from Dermaceutic do even work on pigmentations in the skin and can help you reduce pigmented spots while enlightening and improving skin color. This effect is achieved by the combination of treatments with Dermaceutic product serie, specielly designed to treat and combat pigmentations. 

You are always welcome to visit our beautysalon in Vasastan, where you will be taken care of by our authorized skintherapists and doctor. Do not know which treatment suits you best? Contact us via e-meil or book a free consultation, where you can get professional recommendations. We will together create a treatment plan for you and your skin's needs and recommend you the products to use in order to enhance and maintain the result of treatments. 

Book online your Dermaceutic beauty treatment at Beautyka Beauty Clinic in Vasastan Stockholm!

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